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Frequently asked questions:

Where can I buy your guitars?
Through this website, an Authorized Dealer, at the Expo, in my Workshop.
Beside the already available guitars, I am mainly offering a customer-maker relationship: I will build your guitar upon direct contact, after a deep discussion with your needs and request, merged with my own experience and knowledge. 
  • I am your personal consultant, and I'll guide you through the best choices for your new custom guitar.

Will you ship to my country?
Yes, I ship worldwide. Insurance covering and flight case are available and suggested for overseas delivery.

Do you have a price-list? What is the price range of your instuments?
Each instrument shown on this website or through my Facebook page is a custom ordered one, the options variety is very large and may be confusing. 
I prefer to have a direct exchange between me and the musician (that's you) to define in depth the final project, so I don't provide a downloadable price-list.
This requires time and care, taken away from my work on other customer's project: please be sure to have the capability of order one of my guitars before contacting me.
  • The price for the most commonly requested options is around 6500 CHF, and the waiting list for shipment is approximately 30 months from the time of order.

I play in a band, can I get an endorsement?
Congrats: usually, not. Unless you play in Metallica.
I'm an artisan: the man behind the screen answering your question is the same making your guitars. Medium and up sized factory can afford to give instruments for free.
My artists play my guitars by their choice; I can offer a discount if we can agree upon a serious, mutually beneficial collaboration.
Thank you for understanding.
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