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Jungle Morgoth

"Example of one of my ARTboards, where the whole fretboard is covered with a custom developed theme/concept, made of precious metals, colorful stones, woods and rare shells and then engraved"

Below some of the real emails back and forth that headed to this guitar.

K -"Time to build the next special treat for us both.  Anything in the works ?  
Peace to you my brother."

Giulio -"I've a special body and neck on the making for NAMM *attached images* any special theme you'd like to develop?"

K - "Yes: I am hung up on the “JUNGLE” scene.  Perhaps Tiger, Leopard, Cobra. My favorite animal is a Hippo."

Giulio - "I love the theme and started drawing to get the inspiration going. I think the Hippo is a very powerful animal.
Please find attached a first sketch of the drawing, the Hippo is expressed in his mighty will, the Cobra is beneath it, there is a flamingo supporting and helping the Hippo and the Tiger is at the bottom. If you like it, I will continue upward adding more jungle's flora and the more animals on top."

K -"Yes, keep moving ahead.  The Tiger has good front shot with intense stare. I will send you a few pictures of some of my collection of hippo’s.  Cobra shows promise. Perhaps an Elephant head with a slight angle head shot will play well with the other beast’s. I trust your passion will guide us.  Please move forward."

Order now this guitar style with your personal theme to be developed
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