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Lightweight playability with overweight tone: FËANOR BASS
Fëanor Bass, multiscaled for ergonomics and balanced string output and tension.

modern headless design, to fit the needs of contemporary musician and follow the playing techniques and tone research evolution.

With a better reach of the higher frets, is available with standard fretting, True Temperament, multiscale and even partially (or full) fretless.

Reaches an impressive balanced frequency response, tight low strings with singing smooth treble.

The balanced center of gravity, hi-grade hardware and special neck profile will bring the player to faster and clearer performances.

A wide variety of tonewood, electronics, string spacing and hardware combinations is available, to perfectly tune and match the mix that fits best for every single musician, with his own needs and personal tone-research.
  • headless design with great hardware
  • multi-scale, multi-strings
  • ergonomic comfort, with beveled armrest
  • easy access to the higher frets
  • improved playability
  • balanced center of gravity
  • resonant and lightweight
  • custom string spacing, electronics and tonewood combo
  • fast and comfortable neck profile, with conical radius
  • available partially (raised) or fully fretless
  • hi-gloss or oiled matte finishes
Bestselling version: 6 strings multiscale
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