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I got the Master Luthier's degree in the Violin and Bow making School in Gubbio (PG) Italy in 2007, where I learned the classical techniques of the great Italian masters in the "Cremonese" style (Stradivarius, Guarneri, Amati).

I attended various seminars, including "Violin Restoration" with Adam Whone, "Construction and Techniques for the Archtop Guitar Making" by John Monteleone, and "Inlay and Engraving" by William 'Grit' Laskin.

I'm a modern guitar maker and player, and my skills as a hard-rock guitarist help me improve the electric guitar's comfort and playability.
I founded the Giulio Negrini Guitars in June 2006.

Understanding the needs of players, I focus extensively on the designs of smooth necks and fretboards.
I am centered on high-end quality guitars: multi strings, themed custom inlays (artboards), extended range, multiscale, and hi-gloss finishes are common in my models.

All the GNGs are entirely made by myself only in my workshop in Stabio (Switzerland) in collaboration with the specific requests of the customers, offering a wide selection of rare and hi-grade tonewoods, premium hardware, and my hand-wound pickups, custom-made for each model I create.

I'm a proud member of the European Guitar Builders, NAMM, and the Boutique Guitar Showcase.

Skills are a never-ending pursuit. Even though I've made about 300 instruments I still keep studying from various sources, deepening my knowledge about woodworking with an increasing passion for detailed handworks and artistic creativity.
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