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The Leading GNG design: MORGOTH
Named after the evil Silmarillion's outrageous antagonist, aka Melkor.

First sketched on a napkin in 2002, this modern and distinctive design features carefully studied proportions for the perfect balance.
The comfortable shape of the lower horn keeps the guitar in place when playing seated, while the deep access to the higher frets provides ample space for comfortable shredding in the higher range.

While all the usual options and customizations are available, the Morgoth is only made with a carved or radius top, as a flat one wouldn't do it justice.

Melkor (Quenya: "He who arises in might"), also known as Morgoth (Sindarin: "Black Foe of the World"), was the first Dark Lord and the primordial source of evil in Eä.
  • ergonomic comfort and killer look
  • improved playability, seating and standing
  • balanced weight and equilibrium
  • beveled armrest, carved top
  • GNG pickups, custom designed
  • resonant and lightweigth
  • available with True Temperament Frets
  • fast and comfortable neck profile
  • hi-gloss or oiled matte finishes
Bestselling version: 7 strings Multiscale Carved
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