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Extended range extreme: SHEN
A fully loaded instrument, up to ten fully usable strings allow limitless phrasing, both in the guitar and bass ranges (for the X model: Low C#1 .105" to high A5 .009").
Custom shaped headless design, outstanding reach of the higher frets with a smooth neck joint, multiscaled to reach an impressive balanced frequency response, tight low strings with singing smooth treble.
The precise center of gravity, ergonomic multiscale fretting, hi-grade Italian hardware and special neck profile bring the player to fast and clean performances.
A wide variety of tonewood combinations available, to perfectly tune and match the combination that fits best for every single musician, with his own needs and personal tone-research.
The shape is designed to allow playing the guitar in different positions; standing, sitting, and can be kept like a cello player does with his instrument, with the neck closer to the body to reach all the full range of the fretboard with ergonomic adaptability.
The new SHEN X3 top version features:

  • Radiused flamed maple top following the golden ratio pattern, better comfort and look, more versatile tone with alder backing
  • Zero fret, ABM locknuts and manmade ivory graphtech nut
  • Richlite Diamond fretboard
  • Multiscale 29.4" low C#- 23" high A
  • Perfected conical radius 14/22"
  • T4M bridges with string-lock in the first two saddles
  • Resized and 3D-printed pickup bobbins
  • Brushed copper backplate
  • Jack re-positioned in the original 1.0 position, no more need for the parallel front one
  • Dunlop flush straplocks on the back
  • Reshaped design for an even more comfortable "cello" position over two legs
  • Redesigned headstock and overhanging string channels
  • Multilayered maple/ovangkol neck, titanium reinforced
  • Raised fretless area with red stained maple inserts
  • Custom foam-shaped flight case (redesigned)
  • Black/Chrome alternate hardware to ease the recognition of the strings
  • Gothic engraved metal body pot knobs
  • Mother of pearl dots and logo

Available on request:
  • direct output miniswitch
  • killswitch
  • yin-yang ebony/birdseye maple fretboard

Bestselling version: SHEN X3
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